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El Exquisito In Little Havana by Burger Beast

You see that buttered bread in a basket (pictured above), that’s a sign you should be looking for when you arrive at a Cuban restaurant. The bread basket along with a cup of iced water is their way of saying, welcome. And if the bread is nicely toasted and buttered perfectly then you should strap yourself in for some great Cuban comfort food.

El Exquisito has been located in Little Havana since 1974. A few years back it had fallen on bad times and folks were falling out of love with it because of the inconsistencies with the food. In early 2012 a couple of longtime customers purchased El Exquisito and have been revitalizing it since.

Read Full Article by BurgerBeast.com - http://burgerbeast.com/2013/11/12/el-exquisito-in-little-havana/

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